There’s a better lunch just around the corner…

Mizu Noodles


Need a quick lunch? But getting tired of those garage sandwiches?

After all, however hard you look they’re all pretty much the same. And all too often they’re a bit tired, as well.

So, what could you have for lunch that’s different – and better? After all, you won’t usually find fresh, hot, tasty food in a garage.

But you might find it just next door…

If – like a lot of people – you stop for fuel at junction 28 on the M25 – where it joins the A12 – you may have noticed a place called ‘Mizu’. Where, as it happens they do serve hot, fresh, tasty food.

Better yet, it’s the kind of food that truckers and other professional drivers love. (Especially in Japan…) In fact you could call it the Japanese answer to fish and chips.

So why is that better than your regular sandwich?

Well, for one thing there’s more choice. A cheese and pickle sandwich is just that – cheese and pickle. Oh, and bread. You can dress it up as many ways as you like, but that’s it.

At Mizu there are 89 dishes on the menu. Yes, really. And – this may surprise you – you can have any of them put in front of you a few minutes after you walk through the door.

(And if you haven’t got time to hang around, they’ll put them in a container for you to take away.)

Having said that, feel free to hang around. Mizu isn’t like a restaurant – more like a good canteen, with bench seating, a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and brilliant food.

So what is for lunch?


Think fast food, Asian style. Which can be anything from sweet and sour chicken (number 54) or crispy duck (number 18) to a truly slurpable noodle soup (numbers 80 to 89).

(And ‘slurpable’? Absolutely. It’s regarded as good manners to slurp. And if you’re thinking ‘Pot Noodle’, try thinking ‘Pot Noodle with attitude – and fresh ingredients…’)

What it isn’t is your typical Chinese takeaway. (Unless, of course, you happen to know a particularly good one.) True, it’s a family business (like most takeaways). True, the service is fast and furious (like a good takeaway). But most takeaways don’t have room for a party – like Mizu. Or a menu that isn’t just tasty (it is) and filling (it really is) but tasty, fresh, varied, and intriguing. (After a while you’ll be wanting to try dishes you never even knew existed).

Oh, and it’s healthy – so your other half will probably like it, too. (Why not take them there?)

But for now, just take a look and try something that looks good.

Go on, give it a go. After all, it’s got to be better than the next in a long line of cheese and pickle sandwiches…